Strong hen broth
    with julienne vegetables and home-made noodles
    89 CZK


Pasta and risotto

    Spaghetti with turkey meat
    pancetta, garlic, chilli, red onion and gran biraghi cheese
    205 CZK
    Spaghetti with octopuses
    prawns, garlic, chilli, lime and shallots
    289 CZK
    Homemade gnocchi
    with herbs, veal ragout on wine and Gran Biraghi cheese
    239 CZK
    Sage risotto
    with pieces of swordfish grilled in pancetta
    275 CZK

Our specialties


    200g Turkey stuffed with basil
    pancetta and goat cheese
    249 CZK
    250g Grilled pork cutlet
    269 CZK
    200g Beef flank steak
    on butter with shallots and garlic
    339 CZK
    200g Swordfish steak
    with herb butter and cherry tomatoes
    359 CZK

Vegetarian food


    Pepper, cheese, mushroom, black currant sauce
    45 CZK
    Garlic-honey sauce, Mustard-honey sauce
    40 CZK


Kids meals

For beer and wine

    Fried potato chips
    79 CZK
    Variations to wine
    (cheese, olives, sausages)
    229 CZK
    Parched almonds
    115 CZK
    „Krakonoš’s“ toast
    145 CZK