Beef broth with root vegetables,
    meat and celery noodles
    89 CZK

Pasta, risotto and gnocchi


    Chicken breast supreme
    200 g
    169 CZK
    Grilled necktie
    300 g
    229 CZK
    Flank steak
    200 g
    269 CZK
    Sirloin beefsteak
    200 g
    449 CZK

Sauces for meat

Pepper sauce, Mushroom sauce, Cheese sauce, Garlic-honey sauce, Plum sauce
40 CZK


    Grilled octopus
    with vegetables and chilli
    575 CZK
    Trout baked on herb butter
    with fine vegetable
    269 CZK



    Rye-raspberry puree
    with lime sorbet cream and chocolate
    95 CZK
    Creme brulee
    125 CZK
    Ice-cream cup
    79 CZK
    Chocolate Souffle
    with vanilla ice cream
    125 CZK

To beer and wine

    Variety of cheeses
    with nuts and grapes
    220 CZK
    Salt grissini
    75 CZK
    Fried potato chips
    75 CZK
    Piquant Krakonoš’s Toast
    2 pcs
    125 CZK

Permanent offer

    Chicken/pork schnitzel
    with potato purée
    185/219 CZK
    Blueberry dumplings
    4 pcs
    155 CZK
    with homemade marmalade and ice cream
    85 CZK
    Homemade cake
    (by offer)
    75 CZK

Food for children